Womens Apparel

Sahiba manufactures following women apparels


In the past one decade, the Indian fashion industry has moved from the embryonic stage to a blossoming take-off, and the pace of change accelerated considerably in the following century.

DESIGNING became equally complex and challenging in the era, and Sahiba left no stone unturned to match with the ever changing styles.

Fashion, a word, that in itself reflects creativity, love, trends and life.

From cuts to silhouettes, colors to patterns, Sahiba has made a statement on the global platform of fashion industry.

Dress Materials

Women salutes feminity, and we dress up her personality, is the guiding force behind the team of the company.

Looking at the latest trends and styles across, the company has been able to serve every market, and every age group with its best team of potential designers.

Understanding the taste of global fashion, Sahiba delivers products for every market.

Experimenting and appraising the standards of designs has been the forte of the company.

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