Sahiba Technology

Sahiba Consulting is a highly regarded Textile consultancy providing firm with practical, impartial advice on how to improve their bottom line through better use of IT Infrastructure and business information systems. Established 26 years back Sahiba Group have built up a formidable reputation for helping companies select, implement, and work better with their information systems. We specialize in ERP so unlike some consultancies it’s not just part of a range of other business improvement activities – it’s what we do.

Fiber to Fabric is term commonly used in the textile industry and the term outlines the operational domains of the company. The Group is involved in the complete production process of a plethora of clothes, namely-Embroidery, Manufacturing of Garments, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing using State-of-the Art machinery. Despite the hard-hitting competition from other players in the textile industry, Sahiba Ltd is growing lucratively because of the strong support from its customers, devoted experienced staff and most valuable sharp business acumen possessed by its members of management. The company is all geared up to enhance its productivity in the global marketplace and well prepared for future trends, having a company strength of experienced and thorough professionals.

Our Vision is not merely a statement. It is an emblem of continuity for us that make us strive for excellence in each single day. We are urged and persuaded through our work culture and self motivation to perform beyond the existing bench-marked levels, as competition is only growing in the current business village and to be an enterprise acclaimed for its products & services among peers and customers alike, by having responsible workforce & through best available technology. For us our vendors, our employees, our shareholders and the stakeholders are all integral to our team and this broad outlook through our vision embedded in our operations is the key in achieving the excellent, branded, demanding and stable position in the market.

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